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Pat's Barbershop - An Historical Transformation

A brisk day in 1932 the legend himself was born. A small majestic boy by the name of Pasquale Gangitaino. On this day no-one knew he would become the man to keep Normal Heights looking good for over 60 years. Pasquale went to barber school as well as high school simultaneously in 1949. Which consisted of a 12 hour day. By about July 1950 Pasquale had his Journeyman’s barber license. Just 6 short years later and Pasquale was ready to be his own boss. He set out to find the Perfect space to begin what some would call “a true life’s work”.

He came across a small quaint barbershop for sale historic Adams ave. Then on a soothing autumn day in October 1959,  finally “Pat’s Barbershop” was born. Pasquale was a master barber in his day. Year after year he worked building his clientele. Over the years cutting literally thousands of residents in the community. Rumor has it Al Pachino once sat in Pasquale’s chair.

Pat’s Barbershop was truly a staple of this community with unmatched time as a business on Adams Ave. Life, the news, the ever vigorously changing world. Pasquale lived through it all. He cut through it all. He Served his community through it all. Truly a model of hard work and dedication. 

Fast forward 61 years later. Pat is a seasoned, respected, legend on the street of Adams Ave and within the Normal Heights and surrounding communities. At the golden age of 88 years old he decides to hang up his clippers once and for all. Although cutting hair and being a barber was a passion of his he was and still is truly so much more than that. Almost a keeper of memory’s, the “Godfather”, the man that has been through it all and still standing. A true symbol of strength.

Pat’s Barbershop was a barbershop when he moved in but it is unclear how long it was a barbershop when he obtained it. When something has been one thing for so long sometimes it is best to keep it that way. Like the old saying “if its not broke don’t fix it”. So Pat’s Barbershop is no exception to this. March 2020 Pasquale packed up is business from the past 61 years. The antique barber chairs, the original working condition neon sign in the window and other priceless cultural and personal memorabilia. Its now July 2020 Pat’s Barbershop has been closed for months the windows are covered the streets are more empty due to current world situations. But through all the unsure and truly unprecedented times, just like Pasquale himself his space moves on. A new luxurious space is being displayed.

Dino’s Barbershop has been unveiled and is bringing literally new lights and new life to Adams Ave once again. An all new barbershop featuring a clean modern style with retro old school highlights. This is a highly sanitized, well thought out space, where customer safety and service is the top priority. At Dino’s Barbershop the staff and space reflect an overall clean atmosphere. Striving to give each customer a tailored, personal, experience. With highly skilled barbers trained to serve luxury consistent and ultimate satisfaction to each and every customer. Asking the right detailed questions and taking it slow step by step to make sure you hair and experience is unmatched. With excellent online reviews and convenient online appointment booking it is easy to see why Dino’s Barbershop is a top tier establishment.

After over 61 years Pasquale’s space thrives on. Although it goes by a new name, the history of the legend and Pat’s Barbershop will live on forever. Pasquale is happily retired and now enjoys spending time with is loving family friends and long time clients. He doesn’t live far from Adams Ave as a piece of him will forever live on at Dino’s Barbershop in San Diego.

Dino's Barbershop
3184 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

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Pat's Barbershop

Pat standing in front of his barbershop in 1961.

Dino and Pat

Dino standing with Pat in front of the transformed barbershop in 2020.


  • I brought my son to Dino for a fresh cut for an upcoming wedding. This was our first time visiting him so I was a bit nervous but he did not disappoint! Dino made sure my son was comfortable and that he was going to look great. Dino is very talented and knows what he’s doing. I’m very happy and we will definitely be back for spring school pictures.
    Thanks again!"
    - Cara Dodaro
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Dino is in the heart of Normal Heights on Adams ave inside the Barberside barbershop. I’ve been to this shop a few times the cuts were always decent. Then one day I got to sit with Dino. The level of attention and detail this guy has is unmatched! I am never looking back. With the convenient location and easy booking system it is such a smooth experience. I always feel like a million bucks when I leave Dino’s chair. Thanks Dino you are the man!"
    - Joshua Robert
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
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